2015 Challenger SRT8 and Hellcat

2015 Challenger SRT8 and Hellcat

2015 Challenger SRT8 and Hellcat

A couple months when it was eventually revealed which Chrysler was developing a new supercharged 6. 2-liter HEMI V8 engine, the same initial recipient of the engine, the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT8 was recently spied undergoing high-temperature testing in Death Valley from the U. S.

With rivals Chevrolet and SRT regularly upgrading their potent V8 powerplants, along together using SRT’s latest engine found from the SRT Viper manufacturing 640hp from its ten cylinders, the Chrysler Group has actually been forced to fight back and is presently developing a brand new supercharged Hemi V8 engine. Currently codenamed the ‘hellcat’, the 6. 2-liter supercharged V8 engine can reportedly manufacture over 600hp.

The following 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT8 was noticed along together using terribly very little camouflage along together using just the front finish being lined. It’s believed which beneath this camouflage hides lower air intakes. However, different styling changes are likely from this prototype clearly not sporting the finished rear-end in the new SRT8.

At the instant, it’s believed the current Dodge Challenger can stay on sale till 2014 before it’s replaced through the next-generation Challenger possible to become the initial to adopt the wider V8 powerplant.

Although there is no official information about the interior and exterior design that the Challenger might like to have, there are some predictable that this Challenger will have a fresh styles both interior and exterior. The main design of this 2015 Challenger is predicted to be less retro and less blocky. The exterior probably comes with the more-flowing lines and for the interior probably will be fully modernized with sophisticated touch. The touch of leather will cover the seats to give the comfortable seat. This Challenger will use the V8 that will be significant boost to make an efficient fuel usage. Some expectations come for the safety features for this 2015 Challenger. The first-time drive-assistance features might be an interesting part to be in this 2015 Challenger. These features are for the one who drives for the first time, such as blind-spot and lane-departure warning system. The rare view camera will be a useful feature to have in this car also. The other features for the safety such as the double front side-mounted airbags and also the front and rear head airbags will be the useful safety features.

About pricing, according to the precious model of the Challenger, the 2013-model, the 2015 Dodge Challenger will go for minimum $25,495 and range around $27,000. The ones who are in the waiting of this 2015 Challenger are better prepared your budget from now on.

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